Genre: Action - Arcade - Sandbox

Platform: HTC Vive

Engine: Unity3D + VRTK

Size of the team: 3

My roles: Game Designer & Programmer

In Giant, you embody a giant monster whose goal is to destroy a city! The player uses his fists and feet to battle against the defensive forces of the town. The game was designed for the arcade and it's currently abandoned.

Gameplay features:

- Embody giant monsters with unique abilities!
- Multiple ways to destroy the city!
- Multiple different scales that affect how the player play!

What have I learned?

It was a very interesting project, I learned a lot. Firstly, how to properly design and write a game concept. For the VR side, I understand why it's important to sell a VR game as a *VR* game. To justify and explain why VR is needed for that game and how it can only be created for VR.

I upgraded my skill to use VRTK and Unity. I also created a dynamic destruction system on Unity for buildings. I used in unity four HTC Vive controller (two for the hands and two for the foots) at the same time! I learned how to create good interaction and game feel in VR.

Lastly, I learned how to create mixed reality video. It was really fun, and I understood that it is nearly the only way to show VR game to others.