Move The Level

I love doing experiments in VR. One of them is a locomotion system made to counteract the motion sickness. It's all about moving the level instead of you. This experiment is made with Unity3D and the SteamVR API.

But when you move the level by itself with unity, you won't see it that way. Your eyes still see "vection" in the image and therefore, it makes you sick! to prevent that, I separate the level in sections that are exactly the size of your play-room on the HTC Vive. Then, I just detach them when the player wants to move. Therefore, in the interstices, the player will see a static world and understand that it's the level that is moving, not him.

I wanted to make the game around that mechanic, the player explores a mysterious ruin and controls it with a strange device. Instead of having a linear level, I made it cylinder shaped. I found it more interesting and fun.

I made the system easy to use, as you can see, there are only two variables to tweak! The only possible downside of that system is performance and visual quality because everything is moving! Therefore not much baking can be done.

In the future, I will make it shaped like a sphere! It would be more interesting that way and force the player to use his 360 room scale because there would be no "forward."

UPDATE : here is the sphere-shaped level. I also added a new locomotion system with it : the grappling hook