You, The Shepherd

Genre: World Building

Platform: PC / Twitch

Engine: Unity3D

Size of the team: 6

My roles: Game Designer


You, The Shepherd was made during the Global Game Jam 2016. It's a Twitch game. The players are on a chat and enter commands. The goal is to accomplish objectives: create legendary animals, create a certain amount of chimera…

Gameplay features:

- Create a chimera from animals with more than 20 000 possibilities.
- Various modification on the game world.
- Play the game on Twitch!

What have I learned?

The game was inspirited by the “social experiment”, “twitch play Pokémon”. We like the idea of the “massive” interaction with the game and the chaos resulting of that. It’s a very new type of game that will maybe grow to a true genre game. I have improved my game design skill, I have designed the interaction and the chimera system. Also, ours programmer explain to us how use the twitch API with python.